Ovarian cancer under 40

Ovarian cancer under 40. Ovarian cancer under 40

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Jul-Sep ; 3 Popa" Iaşi. PMID: Abstract The genitals and breast cancers takes an important place in the women's pathology, either through the increase numbers of cases and also through the mortality induced by these cases.

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Aim: The descriptive evaluation of the genitals and breast cancers and there risk factors to women from Ovarian cancer under 40 region of Romania. We have used a special questionnaire for the evaluation of the risk factors. Trained interviewers identified and questioned cases.

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The following parameters were assessed: marital status, educational level, age at menarche, age at the first sexual contact, age at first birth, parity, spontaneous abortions, period of breast-feeding, menopausal status, age at menopause, family history of cancers, personal history of gynecologic diseases, body mass index, oral contraceptive use, hormone replacement therapy use, environmental exposures, Pap test.

Results: The following cases' repartition on diagnostic types was observed: breast cancer 41 casescervical cancer 24 casesendometrial cancer 12 cases and ovarian cancer 7 cases.

The cases mean of age was Conclusion: The diagnostic, educational level, age at first birth over 30 years was directly correlated with histological types. In our study, the mains factors correlated with types of neoplasia were obesity, HPV infections, stage and age.

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